- Espresso

- Cappuccino

- Mokaccino

We are at your disposal for any questions or additional information and can arrange a demonstration for you at your convenience. Thank you for your time.  We look forward to serving you!

JUST TRY IT, and...enjoy it..!!


- Caffe Latte

- Cortadito / Machiatto:            double espresso shot and

 froth milk)

Coffee..."Aromatic & Stimulating drink"

...Grinded to Perfection, one cup at a time!

RICO  FOODS  COMPANY  is distributor of NOI  Caffé in

Orlando  and  Central  Florida.  Our company has a

revolutionary Italian Gourmet  Coffee concept with a 

key goal in mind:  To help you provide value to your

customers  and  employees through  the  highest  quality

Coffee  and  products  from  around  the  world  with the

best equipment from Italy. When  you  put that together

with our great management  and  customer service team,

you  have  the formula  for  success. Imagine  a specialty

coffee shop set up in your workplace, restaurant or store.

As your customers get to your business, they are welcomed with hospitality and a delicious cup of the finest coffee from Italy. 

The difference in our machines is its ability to grind the coffee bean and strain it at the right moment than the Customer press a button, allowing them to enjoy a genuinely freshly ground and pressure brewed espresso coffee.  The machines are made in Italy and are programmed for our own blend of coffee beans.  It’s really easy to use and the process is as simple as pushing a button to get the product of choice (Up to 9 different drinks) in less than 40 seconds.  Once we program the machine, it is always making the same flavor, at the same cost and with No Waste. NOI Caffé has created its own specialty blend coffee exclusively for RICO FOODS CO. customers.

It’s like having a barista in your restaurant, store, office or lounge... 

Mission statement:

To provide to our clients with a high quality Italian Gourmet

Coffee at a fair price while maintaining the highest standards

of customer service.

Our company  provides and maintains the coffee machines

that are designed to work with our finest quality coffees

and chocolates.

We give technical support and cover the manufacturer warranty to the equips purchasers...

RICO FOODS COMPANY supplies all products for the coffee machine (coffee beans, milk, chocolate, vanilla, cups and coffee stirrers) Our staff visits on a daily basis (If necessary) to ensure that the coffee machine is cleaned, restocked and maintained.

Our Coffee Machines can prepare a variety of blends such as:

- American Coffee

- French Vanilla

- Hot Chocolate

Grinded to perfection...
  One cup at a time!!